NIH Awards $2.7M for KPTN Research

Congratulations to the teams at the University of Exeter and the University of Maryland on a highly successful grant application for KPTN research. To learn more about the grant, please see the: University of Exeter announcement at this link, including quotes from KPTN alliance. Full UMD announcement at this link. UMD Description of the KPTN research atContinue reading “NIH Awards $2.7M for KPTN Research”

Welcome to the KPTN Alliance Website!

Our small community has grown dramatically over the past few years via email, Facebook, and video calls. The time has come to take the next step, and create a website! This site will be a resource to share information for patients and practitioners, with an introduction to KPTN mutation, research updates, family profiles, and more.Continue reading “Welcome to the KPTN Alliance Website!”